Rowena has, after 20 enjoyable years organising games for wonderful children, decided to leave the children’s party business and expand an idea that she has been working on for a few years. It is goodbye to all her loyal clients and their children; many of whom will have been to  university and left but in her mind’s eye, will always be the age they were when I did their parties.

Each celebration is planned in consultation with you and your child, so that the best traditional party atmosphere is created. It is your child’s special day and they begin all the games, if not too shy, however, Rowena’s aim is to ensure all the children are included in the fun and have an equal chance at receiving prizes. However, the aim is to hear children’s laughter and enjoyment when playing the games.

Rowena is not a loud entertainer relying on a microphone to be heard but is gently spoken and explains clearly to the children the concept of the interactive games so that all the children feel comfortable and capable.

Parties To Remember is not an agency or a franchise — so if she is busy on your party day there is no substitute.

Sweets are not included as prizes. A home-made giant piñata is an optional extra. Simple party food is also available.
The games and prizes suit children from aged 3 to 10 years and Rowena can cater for a mixed age-range at parties.

The basic price for up to 15 children includes:

  • Consultation
  • Party time 2 – 2.5 hours depending on the age of the children
  • All prizes and party bags – not plastic or paper

More than 15 children? The price increase quoted will be for up to 20 and thereafter per child. I am happy to take business calls between 09.30 and 20.00 hours.

This year I have had several parties outside London’s zone 6 which has increased my working/travelling hours and costs. Parties beyond London’s zone 6 will have a supplement charge of £15.00 to cover time and ticket prices.

Offers and discounts are located at the bottom right hand corner of this page.

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